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Algeria is the first importer of agri-foodstuffs on the African continent

Agro food is 2nd industry in the country

Agro food industry is 140,000 employees, 17,000 industrial enterprises, 95% of which are managed by the private sector.

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200 manufacturers and nearly 60 suppliers in the bulk sector, gathered for 2 days of business, in parallel with conferences.


Customized appointments

On request and in addition to the Workshop, the CCIAF organizes personalized meetings according to your criteria.

These 2 days are organized in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Algerian-French (CCIAF).

The CCIAF is in charge of promoting meetings with all Algerian manufacturers. The accommodation is near the place of BtoB Meetings. Algerian companies are invited to lunch with us during the 2 days in a professional and friendly atmosphere.


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